Check your most critical adjustments at the Speed of Sight with BrakeSentry™ Visual Brake Stroke Indicators. The Simplest & Most Effective Means to: • Reduce Costs, Risks & Liabilities
• Improve Safety & Efficiency
• Improve Maintenance & Compliance.
Safety, Maintenance, Compliance

Cost & Safety

Read about the Cost and Safety Benefits of Brake Stroke Indicators by BrakeSentry™
Visual Brake Stroke Indicators by BrakeSentry™ for Fleets
BrakeSentry effectively reduces our maintenance costs, improves compliance and is consistent with our commitment to safety, both for the public and our drivers.
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Visual Brake Stroke Indicator

The North American Brake Safety Conference recommends the use of effective visual brake stroke indicators as “…the single most meaningful change that can be made to improve brake compliance.”

by BrakeSentry™

BrakeSentry™ Visual Brake Stroke Indicators provides drivers and technicians with a quick and effective means to visually inspect and identify any brake out-of-adjustment conditions.

Whether you are responsible for fleet safety or maintenance management, you already know that brakes out-of-adjustment is the costliest and most frequently cited safety defect.  But what you may not know is why…  So please take a moment to view this informative 3 minute brake safety presentation.