Visual Brake Stroke Indicators by BrakeSentry™ for Fleets
BrakeSentry is easy to install, requires no maintenance and eliminates many time consuming procedures… The return on investment is the best I have seen.
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Are You Prepared for CSA-2010?

Under the CSA-2010 BASIC safety scoring method, brake-out-of-adjustment violations (the most frequently cited safety defect) will carry a (4) severity rating based on crash-related risk, making it one of the top equipment violations affecting a fleet’s safety score.

As drivers’ pre-trip inspections will become especially critical, fleets equipped with effective visual brake stroke indicators will have an important advantage in reducing violations that directly affect their safety scores.

By eliminating the need to crawl under vehicles to mark and measure pushrod stroke at each airbrake chamber, inspections that once took an average of twenty-five minutes are accomplished in less than two—which also means significant savings at each PM inspection!

BrakeSentry, LLC manufactures and distributes the BrakeSentry™ kit, a simple and innovative brake stroke monitoring device that improves vehicle safety and significantly reduces maintenance costs by providing drivers and technicians with a quick and effective means to visually inspect and identify any brake out-of-adjustment conditions for prompt correction.