Visual Brake Stroke Indicators by BrakeSentry™ for Fleets
BrakeSentry effectively reduces our maintenance costs, improves compliance and is consistent with our commitment to safety, both for the public and our drivers.
Director of Maintenance
Pitt Ohio Express

Cost & Safety

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Yes. BrakeSentry™ can be used confidently in any severe duty vocational application including construction and sanitation.
Yes. Versatile and “Universal”, the BrakeSentry™ Visual Brake Stroke Indicator kit can be used with any brake chamber having an external 5/8 inch dia. pushrod.
* Kenan Advantage Group
* Celadon Trucking Services
* Pitt Ohio Express
* Virginia DOT
* Waste Industries USA, Inc.
* NYC Dept. of Sanitation
* Republic Services
* Nabors Well Services, LTD
* Airgas Mid America
* A&A Trucking
* Gold Kist
* Florida DOT
* Schlumberger Oil Field Services
* Texas DOT
* ConocoPhillips
* Alyeska Pipeline Service Co.
* Sunstate Equipment Co.
* City of Tampa
* City of Ft. Worth
* Washington Gas
* Northwest Natural Gas
Simply use the example provided as a template on this page to determine the projected savings for your particular fleet. Add to this the number and frequency of vehicles passing through the “safety inspection lane” or unscheduled, “routine” requests for brake adjustments. Calculate the time saved for each and the savings will be significant.
  • Measures stroke in 1/4 inch increments
  • Flexible and unbreakable material composition
  • Fits all brake chambers with external 5/8 inch dia. pushrod
  • Dual function stroke indicator and brake chamber seal
  • Non-invasive and non-obstructive
  • Function and visibility not affected by road dirt
  • Easy installation, approx. 3 minutes per wheel
  • Does not require any special tools
  • Does not require disassembly of any components
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